Our Mission

The Comics Studies Society (CSS) is the US’s first learned society and professional association for comics researchers and teachers. It is an interdisciplinary society open to all comics scholars—whether working in the academy or independent—who share the goals of promoting the critical study of comics, improving comics teaching, and engaging in open and ongoing conversations about the comics world.

CSS defines comics studies liberally to include the study and critical analysis of comics strips; comic books, papers, and magazines; albums, graphic novels, and other graphic books; webcomics and other electronic formats; single-panel cartoons, including editorial and gag cartoons; caricature; animation; and other related forms and traditions. All types of sequential art, graphic narrative, and cartooning are relevant to our mission.

CSS will be the first professional society of comics scholars in the US to be supported by members’ dues while emphasizing professional development opportunities for students and the exchange of best practices among teachers.

CSS celebrates and seeks to foster diversity in comics studies, including diversity in scholarly discipline, career position, job niche, and cultural and personal identity. We are serious about helping this field grow.

Satirical News Site THE ONION Says What All Comics Scholars Think

From The Onion: “Comics Not Just For Kids Anymore, Reports 85,000th Mainstream News Story”

The incredibly perceptive and original article also specifically mentioned the work of writer Alan Moore, an obscure reference point that has only been used in every single article like this ever written.

Well played, Onion. And not a BIFF!, POW!, or “It’s a bird, it’s a plane…” in sight.

Teaching with Comics: An Interactive Workshop for Educators at San Diego Comic Con

San Diego Public LibraryIf you’re going to be attending SDCC next week, or if you’re local in the area, please join us for a preview night workshop (7/20) for educators at the San Diego Public Library!  Peter Carlson (Green Dot Public Schools), Antero Garcia (Colorado State University), and CSS Executive Board member Susan Kirtley (Portland State University) lead a hands-on workshop, integrating comic books into K-12 classrooms. Open to teachers of all subjects, this session includes awesome interactive activities, approaches for aligning comic books within curriculum, and resources for you to use. Current classroom educators Samantha Diego, James Kelley, and Jenn Anya Prosser will spotlight specific ways they address the learning needs of students in their classrooms.  The workshop runs from 4-6pm at the San Diego Central Library — and no convention badge is required!